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On behalf of ACARA, Education Services Australia publishes a machine readable version of the Australian Curriculum.

The Australian Curriculum is published in machine readable form, using the Resource Description Framework (RDF). This uses Semantic Web technologies for an extensible encoding of metadata about the curriculum, expressed through relations between URIs.

Machine readable curriculum representations move away from managing curricula as prose documents. Instead, they impose a lightweight and flexible structure over a curriculum decomposing it into a collection of statements (e.g. learning areas, strands, outcomes). Each statement is individually identified, described and related using constructs understandable by computers. Machine readable curricula offer a wide range of opportunities for improved integration of the curriculum with online learning, and for discovery of resources aligned with the curriculum. An overview of the potential benefits is available separately.

Machine readable curriculum output uses emerging best practices for publishing and connecting structured data on the Web (the Linked Data Initiative). It consists of three major components:

Based on technical solutions devised by the Achievement Standards Network (ASN) in the United States, a machine readable version of the Australian Curriculum has been produced. The format of the machine-readable curriculum follows the Achievement Standards Network Application Profile, which has been established as best practice for curriculum description in the U.S. The information model captured by the ASN Application Profile is flexible enough to deal with a variety of curriculum formats, and has been brought into alignment with other standards referencing curriculum standards, including SIF and IMS Content Packaging.

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